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Crime Scene - Haberler Detayı

Tarih: 16-02-2017 22:42:17 Güncelleme: 16-02-2017 23:10:17 + -

The free browser game Crime Scene their determined in hot Santa Barbara under the blazing California sun. Y

Crime Scene - Haberler Detayı

The free browser game Crime Scene their determined in hot Santa Barbara under the blazing California sun. You will receive a message that the owner of the Antique shops was killed, and makes you immediately on the way to the Police Department to gather initial information about the case. As the Chief Inspector is not there, you have to yourself at the office looking for items. Here you can help the cute assistant Vicky Kay with notes and an extra tip for finding. In the first hidden object stirs her unto you by the Office Chaos in the guard and is facing the challenge of finding a certain number of objects. For this, you do not have much time; the countdown in the top right corner of the screen reminds you always, just not dawdling. With a simple click on the plus symbol in the image will open a window where all the things are listed which have to find her. Once you spotted it in the search image, you click on the items and they disappear from the room. If you have collected in Crime Scene all required items, it goes on to the next scene.

Help it to catch the perpetrators and bring them behind bars!

Depending on where you just looking for new clues, you'll instructed by a special police officer. There is, for example, Lesley Carlton, which is more of the direct variety and at times also strikes a harder sound when it goes too slow for him or her makes your investigative work is not good enough. From him you also get a warning when you click on too many wrong items. Then it's point deduction due to errors determination pursuant to section 28 of the Police Order! Click mashing so bring you nothing and costs you the contrary even points. But do not worry - makes mistakes every once known, and in Crime Scene you can lie next before a penalty is threatening in a few tries. The faster you are, the greater the time bonus at the end and you will also receive points for all your evidence found. Should not you be ready in time with your investigation, you will unfortunately empty, even if you have already collected a few clues. Will you even do not, then you have the option of your "special ability" to use. At the top of the screen you click on the flash icon bargain, and may now use a magnifying glass, which helps you in searching.

So you make your way through the inspectors Bureau, determined the Antique Store and scours the Beach Diner in Crime Scene. At the end you get yourself off the special thanks of the chief inspector. Although the number of hidden objects is limited in the online game, there are a lot of items that need to ever-new combinations, so it's worth again and again to return to Santa Barbara.

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