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Farmerama Halloween - Haberler Detayı

Tarih: 16-02-2017 23:37:50 + -

The Farmerama Halloween Event starts right on the square in front of the farm lobby. Up to and including November 2 you can help to make your farm creepy Baba Mau.

Farmerama Halloween  - Haberler Detayı


The animal kingdom is spared at this time of year, not of great emotions and so Wollebomm, the Aries love the bird lady in Susi, but dares not really to talk to her and ask for a date. Your task in Farmerama Valentine's Day 2015 is to bring together the two lovers, if you are level 35 already completed. Of course you care with heart flower again a special event plant that grows her hard in the course of action. At the beginning of the event, you will find them ten pieces in your bed. But the plants are not only sold all, when ye reap! Because along with them and the arrow machinations that are scattered all over your yard, it is in the mill Cupid's arrows forth, each player at the start of the event receives five. Your neighbors you can actively support by leaving you arrow shafts as a gift for your mission. You can of course buy them at the farm outfitter. There you paid for it but then with the premium currency Tulpgulden.

The new mini-game you captured the heart of Susi in Nu

During the event for the Valentine's Day Farmerama runs 2015 you will have the opportunity to participate in a new mini-game. The task is, with love arrows that you have previously made in your mill to shoot pink heart balloons on which Susie's head is ready. For every hit you get a point. Since her with every shot an arrow loses, regardless of whether you make it or not, you should make sure only the Susi balloons shoot. Bursts of black, which is emblazoned on Wollebomms head, you will not get points, but have still less an arrow in the quiver. When Farmerama Valentine's Day 2015 you collect as many Valentine's points with which you will unlock different items. The adds you as always your event clouds line and always gets after a certain time experience points and other bonuses. You can also invest real money in order to get close quickly to the last item. For this purpose you have different sized baskets with event objects to choose from that you need for the 2015 Farmerama Valentine's Day. The action starts today and ends on 18 February.

Farmerama Halloween


The Farmerama Halloween Event starts right on the square in front of the farm lobby. Up to and including November 2 you can help to make your farm creepy Baba Mau. The only requirement: You must be at least Level 2 have achieved. Planted at Glühschwammerl and shrikes refueling - these are the two plants in the event Farmerama Halloween event. The two plants growing on the main field on the wild meadow, forest and Bahamarama. The witches cat needs the horror bushes for their magical experiments and depending on the job you need Sometimes one and sometimes the other variety a few copies deliver. Should you accidentally give away all your plants, you automatically receive after five hours of supplies. Baba Mau but also want to have ectoplasm of you. That you get easy sometimes when harvesting your farm areas.

Farmerama Halloween Event - Many plants for the cat

Overall, the miracle cat in Farmerama Halloween Event 8 tasks for you, with the last two can only be solved if you have reached at least Level 20. This is also a great reward waiting at the end but to you, The Cuddly Monster! Through the eerily beautiful decoration you can look forward to 560 experience points every ten hours. Keep ran to you, for alone for the first task you need 2000 strangler refueling and must be harvested first all! The chic decorative elements clean your farm out fine. If you combined with items from the scary night, you have a great horror field that will astonish every visitor. After Farmerama Halloween event can be exchanged for experience points and moss pennies her leftover items.

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