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Let’s Fish - Let’s Farm // Haberler Detayı

Tarih: 17-02-2017 18:16:04 + -

Those who opt for a second life as a farmer in Let's farm, either created a new account or logs in using Facebook. Let's Fish is a free fishing game that you can gamble without her having to be downloaded in the browser.

Let’s Fish - Let’s Farm // Haberler Detayı

Let’s Fish


Let's Fish is a free fishing game that you can gamble without her having to be downloaded in the browser. The gameplay is very simple. Mouse click you cast your rod and waits until a fish biting. Now it is time to ask dexterity to the test: Press and release the left mouse button brings you to catch a gradually. Pushes her too much or let it go too long, then the pangolin snatches away, making it gone, just like your bait. Depending on what fish do you have on the hook, which is different difficult, said the effort is worthwhile as a rule. The more difficult the capture, the more valuable it is often too.

Each fish that brings her out of the water, you bring in a Fish Let's experience points. They are very important because they bring you closer to the next level anglers. A Level in turn brings you more features, better equipment and new fishing spots. In the shop you bought you with the through fishing or rewards is underlined money new equipment. You choose a fishing rod, hook, line and of course a bait and makes sure that everything fits together. Not in any body of water you can get used, for example, any bait. The best you worried you different variations, then bite also different fish.

On the world map you come in the fishing game Let's Fish to other fishing spots. If you the "little lake" where you sit at the beginning, too boring, then please have a look at lakes, rivers, ponds in Asia, North America, Africa and even Antarctica over! Of course, you do not have all fishing spots immediately available. You'll have to be unlocked by reaching certain minimum level her.

Multiplayer features you will find in Let's Fish also. Thus it is possible to challenge other players to match for the fattest fish or in part in tournaments increase over a longer period of time. Completed her also available daily quests and tasks, waving extra rewards.

Let’s Farm

Those who opt for a second life as a farmer in Let's farm, either created a new account or logs in using Facebook. The social media platform will then take the friendship search for you and will show you all Facebook contacts, which also establish operations in farming game. But even then, if you create a new account, it's easy to see Let's Farm friends. One possibility is to specify what it's worth. For once you achieved success by completing their example, a series of tasks, you can report it to other players. If you have mastered a challenge, a message box will appear at the rewards gained. That you close either the "X" - or the "Specify" button. In that case, your success will appear in a list, which finds her in the normal picture mode to the right of the field.

Here also hides the chat, you will exchange you about the other players and ask questions if necessary. To send another farmer a friend invitation, you just need to click on its name in the success list and click "Invite". Via the email address or user ID you connect with friends by her the option "New Friend" selects in the friends list at the lower edge of the field and the data typing.

Let's Farm Friends: Will the farmer of Hearts!

A large circle of friends given you some advantages. For example, you can ask for materials that you need to complete certain building her your colleagues. Some items can not produce fact and would otherwise be purchased with premium currency. Helpful friends will send you the missing materials certainly as a gift, so it saves you the output of the quite rare diamond. Also working in the fields, grab you friends helping with the arms and you should return the favor. Every day you can start three actions per farm. These endowed him a visit and example, by clicking a box or a facility to shorten waiting times. As a result, it also collects heart, who can ascend to a specific ranking.

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